Our concept, our passion

Introducing Shoukie®. An innovative online concept where you co-create your children’s clothing with fab organic fabrics from Italy.


Shoukie was inspired by my love for my son. As a mother, you want the best for your child and that includes ensuring that they are not exposed to harmful chemicals, whether it is in what they eat or the clothes that they wear. You also want to nurture their creative side. Thus, started the journey towards creating an organic line of clothing you can co-create with your kids.


Key to our concept is giving children the opportunity to be creative. Kids always want to be part of a process, so why not give them the chance to co-create the clothes they wear, together with their parents. That way, it becomes an experience you share with them and a source of pride when they wear the outfit they helped design. This coupled with the importance of preserving the Environment is key to our passion for designing and creating environmentally friendly clothing. That’s why we chose organic fabrics that are GOTS certified; in terrific colours and patterns from Italy. We use only fabrics from Italy because we believe in the quality and care of Italian fabrics, which is clearly visible when you feel and touch the beautiful soft fabrics that we offer.


We want our customers to be able to play around with the designs and enjoy the process from the comfort of their home. We know how challenging it can be to go shopping with a little one! And with Shoukie, you don’t have to wait for season-specific clothes to become available. We offer season-less collections so that you can order winter clothes, even if your winter is our summer! We have also taken into account the fact that kids are by no means standard when it comes to size. So we have our standard measurement (by height) but we also give our customers the option to include other measurements for a tailor made fit!

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